Aloo Baigan


Eggplant and potatoes sauteed in onions and tomatoes with a touch of curry sauce.

Aloo Baingan ki sabzi or potato and eggplant (aubergine) curry is a delicious vegan and gluten-free recipe from India. It’s one of the most common vegetable dishes which is cooked quite frequently in a lot of Indian kitchens.

Unlike the food served in Indian restaurants, home-cooked everyday Indian meals are very simple. Though it varies from region to region, generally a home-cooked vegetarian Indian meal comprises a vegetable dish, a lentil or bean curry, and rice or roti. Most of the time there will be some side dishes like chutney, raita, pickle, and salad.

Today I am sharing one of my favorite vegetable recipes from India- Aloo baingan ki sabzi.


Aloo Baingan (Eggplant/Aubergine and Potato Curry) may seem like a humble weeknight dish. But when cooked well, it turns into something you can proudly serve to guests. This recipe is easy-to-follow, ready in under an hour, and packed with flavor. Tested to perfection!

Aloo Baingan is a Pakistani & North Indian-style vegan curry made with potatoes (aloo) and eggplant (baingan or brinjal). Though not as glamorous as Baingan Bharta, Aloo Baingan can be just as exciting when made well.

The secret to next-level Aloo Baingan is to pan-sear the eggplant before adding it to the curry. Pan-searing the eggplant elevates the flavor while giving it better texture. That said, you can choose to skip this step if you’re in a hurry. I’ve made this plenty of times without pan-frying and it’s still delicious and perfectly balanced in flavor.



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