Chicken Saagwala


Chicken saagwala is chicken marinated in a paste of coriander leaves, garlic, ginger, chilies, yogurt and spices and is simmered in a mildly spices spinach curry. This is served with bread. This is also called palak chicken or Indian spinach curry. After many days I cooked Chicken Saagwala recipe or Palak Chicken. Chicken is marinated in a paste of coriander leaves, garlic, ginger, green chilies, kasoori methi, lemon, yogurt and simmered in a mildly spiced spinach curry. This curry is garnished with fresh cream.



Key ingredients in chicken saagwala, a light curry dish common in northern Indian cooking, include a light sauce made flavorful with turmeric, cinnamon, garam masala, and fresh spinach with lightly browned pan-fried chicken. It is one of the healthier dishes on the menu at many Indian restaurants.

Team it with hot chapatis (Indian flatbread) or parathas (pan-fried Indian flatbread) to finish, and you have got a winning Indian dish that people of all ages will love.

This is also a dish that is easily prepared in advance by making the curry sauce recipe ahead of time and then cooking the full recipe with chicken and additional spices in small batches.


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