Chicken Chaat


Barbecued chunks of chicken, potatoes and cucumbers marinated in spices and tangy sauce. Served chilled.

This delicious chicken chaat would make a great starter or side dish to an Indian dinner. Pieces of chicken breast are marinated in a mixture of spices and lemon juice which tenderises it before cooking.

This is then topped with a refreshing mint yoghurt sauce, tamarind chutney and crunchy Bombay mix. For a vegetarian version, paneer would also be delicious.



Chicken chaat – Turn an ordinary chicken stir-fry into something extraordinary with these spiced chicken bites sautéed with aromatic spices. Tender chicken tikka is combined with garam masala and chaat masala to bring you an amazing appetizer that also happens to be a perfect side dish for your Indian inspired meal.

Do you have a favorite chicken recipe? I mean, the kind of recipe that appears on your menu at least once in a week. One of my main blogging goals this year is to bring you easy recipes that’ll cut down the amount of time you spend in your kitchen. And with the big holiday season gradually approaching, you’ll also need plenty of ideas to create awesome leftover meals.


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