Dal Maharani


Dal Maharani is a creamy and luscious North Indian lentil curry prepared with whole urad, rajma, and chana dal as its base.

It is very similar to Dal Makhani, but has its own unique taste and flavor. Dal Makhani is a richer preparation made with lots of butter added to it while the quantity of butter, ghee, and cream is slightly less in Dal Maharani.

Dal Maharani is also spicier than its cousin Dal Makhani which is very mildly spiced. Dal Makhani has a mildly sweet taste while the taste of Dal maharani is on the robust side.


Dal Maharani Recipe | Maharani Dal Recipe | how to make maharani dal with step by step photo and video recipe. lentil recipes are pretty common and are made on day to day basis in indian households. there are many versions and variations of dal recipes which differ with the type of dal or region it made. dal maharani is one such creamy lentil recipe known for its richness and blends of spices.


Both Dal Maharani and Dal Makhani belong to Punjabi cuisine. Firstly, the type of lentils used in both the dal is different. Secondly, the consistency of Dal Makhani is buttery and smooth. Dal Maharani has a lot of texture from the lentils itself as well from the chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Thirdly, dal makhani has a rich tomato taste in its preparation, be it from canned tomatoes or tomato puree, Dal Makhani has a sweetness and tang of tomatoes in its taste. Dal Maharani has a robust & vibrant taste of spices in its final form.



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