Fish Curry


Fish curry is an Indian dish featuring white fish cooked in a spiced broth or sauce, typically served with basmati rice, idli, or dosa.
Fish curry is one of the most versatile fish dishes. Each region in the country has its own version of fish curry such as Bihari fish curry, Goan fish curry, Bengali fish curry, and more. For days when you crave a simple meal, you can easily make fish curry with the ingredients available in your kitchen. Here we share a fish curry recipe that you can make in minutes!



There are so many iterations of fish curry, you might get lost figuring out which is the best to try first. This traditional fish curry recipe is made with whole paanch phoran seeds and gets a bit of a kick from red chilies.

The ingredients used here show a mix of both eastern and northern Indian culinary influences, so it’s a good place to start before graduating to regional specialties like Goan or Mangalorean fish curries. Serve it on a bed of hot plain boiled rice.


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