Kofta Curry


Vegetable Kofta Curry is an exotic Indian gravy dish that comprises of two parts Kofta and the curry. The Kofta’s which are basically balls made out of minced veggies and spices that are deep/shallow fried and then added to a tangy, creamy and spicy onion tomato base curry.

The Kofta’s on their own too are very delicious and addictive and can be served as appetizers or snacks with some Green Chutney or Tomato Ketchup. This dish can be served with Rice or any Indian flatbread like Roti/Naan/Chapati etc.


Veg kofta curry recipe with step by step photos. While it takes a bit of a time and efforts to create any kofta recipe, in the end, it is all worth. The same goes for this recipe of Veg Kofta Curry too. This one is a creamy and delish restaurant style dish of mixed vegetable koftas in a lovely spiced gravy. Since the gravy is quite rich, it is best meant for special occasions or for an indulgent weekend lunch or dinner meal. Also, if you follow the recipe well, you’ll find the recipe easy too.

The vegetables used are carrot, capsicum, bell pepper, potatoes, cauliflower and green peas. I have also added some processed cheese but you can skip it. This recipe is a good way to use leftover vegetables.

Apart from these veggies you can also add broccoli, corn, french beans, baby corn etc.


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