Mango Dessert


 Mangoes, cream, milk, cinnamon powder cooked together. Topped with mint leaves, this mango dessert is fresh and simply irresistible. Serve the mango dessert chilled to your family and friends this summer post a Sunday lunch.
The fruit’s natural sweetness makes it the perfect ingredient for dessert. It even has that gorgeous golden hue, to boot!



Treat your tastebuds to a fun, tropical adventure with these mango desserts!

The mango season is reaching its end. An aphrodisiac, this juicy and golden-fleshed fruit is a much-loved treat across households and countries. Its sweet flavour and silky, creamy texture makes it perfect for desserts. Mangoes lend a distinctive tropical nuance to any creation they’re added to. That’s not all – add them to curries and savour the hum of sweetness as it cuts through the punchy, spicy flavours!


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