Methi Malai Mutter


Methi (fenugreek) is a popular winter vegetable in India. I remember those cold winter mornings in Delhi when we were served hot Methi parathas with butter for breakfast, it used to taste so good!

Since methi leaves were in abundance during winters, mom also made a lot of things with it like aloo methi and one of my absolute favorites was this Methi Matar Malai.

This recipe has 3 main components to it and hence the name!

  • Methi (Fenugreek leaves)
  • Matar (Green peas)
  • Malai  (Cream)

The methi leaves have a slightly bitter taste and so they pair beautifully with sweet green peas and fresh cream in this recipe.


Methi Matar Malai (also spelled Methi Mutter Malai) is a sumptuous North Indian curry made with fenugreek leaves, green peas and cream. Smooth, creamy, and rich, this recipe is a surefire winner with kids and adults alike. Try making this tasty curry recipe today – you’re sure to love it.

This recipe for methi mutter malai can be made in flat 30 to 35 minutes. Thus making it a perfect comfort food dinner on a chaotic weeknight.

This mild recipe is good for kids too – especially if you want to feed them fenugreek. There is no bitterness at all! In fact, this yummy curry is on the sweeter side due to the cream, onions and cashews.

Both fenugreek leaves and its seeds have a lot of health benefits. So be sure to include them in your meals.


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