Onion Kulcha


Leavened bread stuffed with onion and spices

Onion kulcha is a stuffed kulcha, a variety of popular kulcha recipe. Finely chopped onions are seasoned with some slices like cumin, chilli , chat masala and coriander leaves. This spiced onion fillings is then stuffed inside a leavened dough ball and cooked inside a charcoal tandoor.

The dough for kulcha is made from all purpose flour (maida), salt, yoghurt and ghee. Yeast can also be used to leavened the dough. But in this recipe I have used yoghurt for that.




Kulcha is yet another popular bread from northern parts of India. This bread is similar to “naan” which is of course more popular in the western world. The difference between kulcha and naan is that kulcha is leavened with baking powder and soda whereas yeast is used in making naan. Also naans traditionally have an oval, like a tear-drop shape while kulchas are round. Both are made using all purpose flour and both can be stuffed with almost anything that you can think of!

During our visit to India this time, we went to Amritsar in Punjab. For those who do not know, Amritsar is famous for it’s kulcha and chole (chickpeas). In fact all over India you will find food stalls selling “kulchas from Amritsar”, they are that popular. However one strange thing that I noticed was that the kulchas in Amritsar were actually very different from my interpretation. Living in Delhi, we always ate these soft “Amritsari kulchas” but I actually ate very crispy and flaky kulchas in Amritsar and my friends who belongs to the city told me that this is actually how the REAL kulchas from Amritsar are supposed to be. Very interesting I thought! I will definitely give these flaky stuffed kulchas a try one day, for now this is the basic kulcha that we all grew up eating. The only difference? this is a healthier version! The texture might not be exactly like the one you ate in restaurants since it’s whole wheat but it’s soft, delicious and healthy!


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