Crispy, flaky paratha is the perfect side to serve with dals and curries. This traditional Indian flatbread is unleavened, and is filled with tender and crisp layers. Try my classic plain paratha recipe with step-by-step photos to make a batch for enjoying with your favorite saucy dishes.

Parathas are simple flatbreads that are made with whole wheat (or atta) flour and just a few other simple ingredients. A soft dough is prepared by hand, formed and flattened, and then folded several times to create lots of flaky layers. They are then roasted to perfection and served warm with a variety of Indian dishes.

Plain parathas, like the ones made with this recipe, the layered & flaky Lachha Paratha and the South Indian Parotta, are staples of Indian cuisine. In fact, they are made and enjoyed in nearly every household and restaurant.


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