Plain Naan


Naan gets its name from the Persian word nān, meaning bread.

It is a leavened flatbread that is often served in Indian buffets in the US as an accompaniment to curries such as butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, etc.



Make these Naan that are deliciously soft and slightly chewy made without yeast. Naan are flatbreads made with leavened dough and popular in India and some South Asian countries. My tried and tested recipe is for you if you find that using yeast is a daunting affair. So this Naan recipe fits in as it is incredibly easy to make. You can cook naan on a griddle (tawa) or a skillet on a stovetop. Alternatively grill them in a tandoor or oven. Here I show 2 ways of roasting them – on the stove-top with direct flame and on the skillet.


Naan is made from an enriched dough which means that there are other ingredients added beyond the flour, water, yeast, and salt to make the bread. In naan usually you will find some sort of dairy like yogurt, milk, ghee, butter or even egg at times.


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