Punjabi Kadi Pakora


Tangy and flavorful Punjabi Kadhi Pakora has deep fried pakoras (fritters) dunked in a tangy yogurt based curry! Best enjoyed with steamed white rice!

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora is one of the most popular North Indian dishes!

Deep fried fritters (pakora) are dunked in a yogurt based curry made with besan (gram flour) and spices!

Kadhi for those who are not aware is a dish made with yogurt and besan (gram flour) typically. It can also be used in other recipes like punjabi kadhi recipe where besan and yoghurt are mixed to form thick and creamy curry.


A Kadhi recipe that is a family heirloom recipe and tastes super delicious. This fabulous Kadhi Pakora is my mother-in-law’s treasured recipe of making the traditional Punjabi Kadhi with onion pakora. Here the crispy onion fritters are dunked in a spiced, savory, tangy yogurt sauce. A recipe she has been making for ages and loved by all of us.


The Hindi word “Kadhi” denotes a yogurt sauce that has been slow-cooked for quite some time. The word “pakora” means fritters made from gram flour (besan). In this recipe, the fritters are made with savory, spiced batter made with onions, gram flour and seasonings.

There are many variations of making kadhi in North and Western Indian cuisines. Even though the spices or herbs added are different, but the yogurt sauce is mostly thickened with gram flour (called besan in Hindi).

Gram flour is made from skinned black chickpeas and has a nutty flavor. The curd that is used to make kadhi is sour curd. As a result, this dish has a sour, spiced and creamy taste.


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