Tandoori Roti


Unleavened whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor.



Tandoori Roti Recipe On Tawa | Butter Tandoori Roti At Home | Tandoori Roti Naan with detailed photo and video recipe. a traditional and tasty north indian flatbread recipe made with wheat flour using tawa on a top gas stove. it is traditionally made in tandoor oven where flat roti’s are pasted to the sides till it is cooked. these are generally served as a main course meal with a choice of gravy based curries, but can also be used for other recipes like roll and frankie to make a wonderful snack.

This is a healthy roti that is made of wholewheat flour and is a great option for breakfast paired with your favourite sabji. Tandoori roti is a flat bread which originated in the India. Roti is the main staple food for many states in North India and Tandoori Roti is a much loved variety. Other famous varieties are parantha, kulcha, Lachha parantha, and plain roti recipe. Tandoori roti is made on the tandoor which gives it a crispy delicious texture. Infact, tandoori roti is a very popular order in North Indian Restaurants. Better Butter gives this Tandoori roti recipe a big thumbs up!


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