Tandoori Shrimp Masala


A traditional cooking method in Indian cuisine, tandoori is cooking marinated meat or seafood at a very high temperature. This is traditionally done by using a tandoor, a clay oven, but a similar result can be accomplished by grilling.
In this recipe, shrimp are marinated in a classic mixture, which includes yogurt and spices such as garam masala, cumin, coriander, and turmeric, as well as herbs like mint and cilantro. The shellfish is then threaded onto skewers and quickly grilled until done.



These tandoori prawns or tandoori shrimp masala gets done in less than 15 minutes. Creamy, tangy, and a little spicy. Perfect over steamed rice, chapati, or roti.

Tandoori Shrimp – Perfectly marinated and grilled Indian Tandoori shrimp skewers. Super easy recipe that yields the most delicious shrimp ever!

This Indian style tandoori shrimp or tandoori prawns is a delightful marinated shrimp appetizer. You can make it on the skillet or in the air fryer/oven or on grill. Super easy recipe that is a crowd pleaser.


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