Tawa Vegetable


Tawa is the Hindi name for a heavy iron griddle that is slightly bigger than the chapati tawa. Sabzi is the Hindi name for vegetables. Together this means ‘vegetables cooked on a griddle.’ 

Tawa Sabzi is an array of seasonal veggies spread separately around a hot tawa/skillet, with the onion-tomato masala placed at the center of the skillet.

When requested, the particular vegetable is brought to the center and tossed into the masala. It is then served to the guests right off the hot tawa with a generous sprinkle of chaat masala and garnishing.


The Tawa Sabzi recipe is an exciting assortment of vegetables cooked on a tawa in combination with the most flavorsome and aromatic spices and served as an appetizer or gravy dish at a weekend get-together or upcoming festival celebrations and potluck parties!

This mouth-watering recipe of Tawa Bhaji is a popular dish on the Indian wedding buffet menu that captivates the attention of every food lover.

It is a blend of vegetables that is either stuffed or coated in a spicy masala, which makes it a superbly delicious dish.


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