Thandi Chai


As you all know my choice of dishes is very much inspired by my family and my daughter. I am always enthused to see them enjoying variety at home which normally is available in big eateries.

Nowadays my daughter is crazy about “Chaayos”. She loves to hang out there enjoying Thandi Chai. Mother is blogger and daughter always talking big about outside eating outlets …… it was surely pinching me somewhere.

So I thought of serving her favourite “Thandi Masala Chai” at home which she normally enjoys at Chaayos.



This is very easy to make chilled masala chai. The flavour is mild, unlike the usual hot masala chai which is strong.

For those who would like a stronger flavour should add more Golden Tips masala chai to the hot water.

Adding additional cardamom and nutmeg powder gives it a nice wholesome flavour.

One may replace sugar with honey for a smoother taste.


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